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Office ESD Flooring in Hyderabad

Monsoon Modular are one of the top ESD table manufacturer in Hyderabad. At one time or another, we all might have experienced static electricity in our daily life. The charges that are generated can be a major damage to electrical components or circuit boards that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge. We also deal with a variety of ESD accessories in Hyderabad such as ESD table mat, ESD safe PCB bag, ESD grounding cord and so on.

ESD accessories in Hyderabad and ESD table manufacturer in Hyderabad

We are the best trained, certified contractors in ESD flooring in Hyderabad when it comes to installations. In Monsoon Modular, our trainers are well-versed in identifying and understanding flooring conditions that are improper. We also have the experience and training to make the right decision keeping your needs and budget in mind.

ESD refers to electrostatic discharge which is a result of static buildup between two objects. It is an instant and momentary flow of electric current between two electrically charged objects which is caused by close proximity, an electrical short or dielectric breakdown. Typically, when two different types of materials rub together, electrostatic charge build-up takes place.

There is a possibility that the electronic devices might get damaged by electrostatic discharge that is not noticed by a human body because sometimes even though you may think you have not generated any static electricity, it's possible that you might have. It's just not detected by our own touch because it wasn't powerful enough. Also, the damage from ESD might not show up immediately as a failure. But over time, if the circuit board or components are subjected to more electrostatic discharge events, possibly a failure could occur. A tragic failure, which is a failure immediately following an electrostatic discharge event is not uncommon at all. In fact, it's more likely for some potential damage to occur. The circuit board or the electric device may be still functional after an electrostatic discharge event, but some sensitive components in the circuitry might have been damaged and the device might fail in the near future. At Monsoon Modular, we have trained professionals with an extensive knowledge and a very good experience in flooring business who can take care of this type of situations.

To eliminate electrostatic charges from materials and personnel is vital in many industries and hence for static protection effective ESD flooring is a necessity. We create ESD flooring in Hyderabad from different types of materials like carbon fibers that transfer the electrostatic charge from a person to the flooring which reduces the chance of static discharge being created through any kind of physical contact. ESD flooring come in different kinds of styles such as carpet, vinyl and rubber.

In situations where you would like to control the amount of electrostatic electricity, installing ESD flooring, ESD tables and equipping each zone with ESD accessories such as ESD mats, tools, supplies are an ideal choice as it improves safety of the workers & provides workplace protection. ESD flooring in Hyderabad are quite effective in controlling static discharge that can result in significant damage, injury and financial loss due to faulty electronic components and equipments.

Repair and maintenance cost of an ESD flooring in Hyderabad should also be considered when opting for it. Vinyl static dissipative flooring costs high and this type of flooring is difficult to maintain. Broadloom Carpet ESD flooring needs to be vacuumed regularly. Rubber ESD flooring needs periodic scrubbing to maintain a glow on the surface of the floor. Our trainers are experienced in taking care of restoration and maintenance work as well.

ESD-static control tables are designed for environments where sensitive equipments are present as they prevent electrostatic discharges that can damage expensive equipments, rendering it unusable in seconds. In this type of circumstances, the correct type of work surface can literally save lives as it enables medical research and testing to continue without any interruptions.

Contact us if you are looking for installation of workstations, ESD flooring and ESD accessories as we are one of the leading ESD table manufacturer in Hyderabad.

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